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Aerial surveying services carried out by Ptero UAVs

Aerial survey for mapping and monitoring


  • mapping of linear and areal objects
  • topographical monitoring
  • surveying for mining
  • aerial monitoring for agriculture, forestry, management of urban areas and others


  • orthomosaics, DSM, DTM and DEM
  • visualized 3D terrain models
  • topographic maps of 1:1000 - 1:10000
  • various thematic maps (geological, geobotanical, soil, etc.)

Aerial inspection of extended linear objects


  • planned and emergency inspection of overhead power lines, main gas, oil and oil products pipelines, roads and railways


  • visual detection of defects and violations of the obtained photographs
  • implementation of automated photogrammetric image processing in order to obtain the derivative products (ortomosaics, digital terrain models) and violations detect
  • perform stereo in manual mode during the photogrammetric processing
  • formation of defective statements
  • drawing revealed defects and violations on the cartographic basis means of GIS

Aerial thermal survey


  • energy audit of urban and industrial areas
  • monitoring of water objects
  • geology and mining
  • monitoring of solid waste landfills
  • terrain mapping (thermal aerial survey is used as an additional source of information)


  • thermograms (thermal images)
  • thermal orthoimages
  • digital terrain models, visualized thermal aerial data
  • technacal reports

Sample images

Sample results of the aerial inspection

Samples of thermal images