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Additional facilities and equipment supplied under the customer's request:
  • spare parts for UAS (antennas, pins, propellers, slings, airbag, wiring, spark plugs, etc.)
  • materials and tools for UAVs repair in the field
  • UAV operator kit (portable radio, GPS navigator, HDD etc.)
  • portable high pressure compressor MINI II H or equivalent for filling the air tank. Performance 70 l/min at free air, the maximum operating pressure of 330 kgf/cm2 (33.0 MPa), the power consumption of 1.9 kW, weight 30 kg, dimensions 600 x 300 x 400 mm
  • additional geodetic equipment and accessories, including GNSS base stations
  • engine oil
  • gas containers 20 liters

The UAS also can be supplied together with the special equipped car.