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Basic configuration of the unmanned aircraft system includes software designed for UAS operation and includes:

  • software for the UAV flight control (operator's interface of PteRoBot autopilot)
  • software for aerial survey planning and flying mission formation for PteRoBot autopilot
  • software for post-flight analysis of onboard data

For aerial survey data processing, we recommend you the following professional software:


Developed by Racurs company (Russia).System includes modules: Core, AT, SolverA, DTM, Mosaic, GeoMosaic, StereoDraw, GIS Panorama 2011 Mini.
Designed for professional photogrammetric processing of aerial survey data. Has the ability to work in stereo.
Versions are available for use on the local computer and a computer network.


Developed by Racurs company (Russia). Allows the user to process UAS aerial survey data and acquire all types of value added photogrammetric products: DEM, 2D and 3D-vectors, orthomosaics.

Waypoint GrafNav/GrafNet 8.70

Designed for GNSS post-processing of kinematic and static satellite measurements obtained GNSS receiver.

Waypoint Inertial Explorer

Designed for GNSS and IMU post-processing.

Agisoft PhotoScan Professional Edition

Designed for automated photogrammetric processing of aerial survey data to create orthomosaics and digital terrain models.

IRBIS 3.0 Professional

Designed for preprocessing of thermal images obtained thermal imaging module based on the infrared camera InfraTec VarioCAM hr head 600 series.