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Basic configuration of Ptero-G1 unmanned aircraft system includes:


  • airframe - fuselage, wings set (right, left); tail (horizontal stabilizer, 2 x vertical stabilizers); tail beam; pins
  • propulsion system - internal combustion engine equipped with an electric motor (actuator+generetor); propeller; fuel system;
  • automatic control system PteRoBot including GPS receiver for navigation; power supply system; communications system (radio modems with antennas)
  • system of parachute emergency opening; parachute and shock absorbing system
  • search equipment (GPS-tracker, radio beacon)
  • basic survey equipment set basis on Nikon D810 digital camera with Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D lens

Equipment for UAV launching

  • pneumatic catapult
  • pneumatic fittings
  • air tank BK-7-300 S (diving cilinder) for catapult filling
  • tarpaulin table for UAV service operations
  • pegs for catapult fixing

Ground control equipment

  • ground station
  • operators laptop with characteristics not worse: Intel Corei3-2370M 2.4 GHz/15.6"/1366x768/4GB/320GB/Wi-Fi/Win 7 Pro 64, external card reader USB 3.0, PC mouse (USB)
  • ground near and far communication radio modems with antennas and a set of cables
  • anemometer, magnetic compass
  • software for flight planning, UAV flight control and flight data analysis

Set of equipment for UAS maintenance

  • HobbyKing 8AC charger or equivalent
  • equipment for refueling and draining the fuel
  • standard set of tools for the maintenance of the UAS with a set of fasteners (in the toolbox)
  • set for the urgent repair of composite parts (composite tissues, epoxy resin, hardener, consumables and instruments)
  • set for optical parts cleaning

The technical documentation

  • flight manual
  • operations and technical manual
  • maintenance manual
  • UAS form
  • units passports
  • UAS preparation journal
  • operating instructions for the avionics on the basis of automatic control system PteRoBot
  • operating instructions for the supplied aerial survey equipment
  • aerial camera passport

UAS transportation and storage

UAS transportation and storage is supplied in protective cases:

  • big case for UAV and launching equipment (1600600550 mm)
  • small case for ground control station (600600250 )
  • toolbox
This allows you to transport the UAS practically any kinds of transport. In the field UAS in cases can be transported by 2 crew persons.