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Main technical and operational characteristics of the Ptero-G1 UAS

UAV modelPtero-G1
Engine4-stroke single cylinder internal combustion engine
Engine displacement35 cc
Fuel gasoline 95 RON
Autopilot PteRoBot (own development)
The minimum safe altitude 80 m
Service ceiling 2500 m
The maximum take-off height above sea level 1500 m
Cruising speed 85125 km/h
Stall speed in level flight at a full load 50 km/h
Flight time with a payload of 2 kg up to 8 h
Maximum direct technical range with a payload of 2 kg up to 800 km
Take-off weight of UAV with a full load 20 kg
Maximum payload5 kg
The range of the near link communication channelup to 15 km in the line of sight
The range of the far link communication channelup to 75 km in the line of sight
The range of the GSM communication channel (option) up to 500 m altitude above the terrainin GSM coverage area
The range of the Iridium SBD modem (option) without limitation
Maximum wind speed in flight 15 m/s
Maximum headwind at the start, m/sec 8 m/s
The maximum wind speed in parachute landing (without parachute cutaway) 4 m/s
Take-offpneumatic catapult
Landingparachute with a shock-absorbing airbag
Take-off space200 x 100 m obstacle free
Maximum humidity up to 98%
Temperature range -30+40
Meteorological conditions of useVFR weather conditions

The list of aerial survey equipment offered for installation on Ptero-G1 UAV