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About Ptero

Ptero-G1 UAS developed and produced by PTERO LLC, Moscow.

The basis of the UAS is an unmanned aerial vehicle Ptero-G1.

The propulsion system is a single-cylinder four-stroke internal combustion engine equipped with an electric motor (actuator+generetor).

UAV can carry a payload of up to a total weight of 5 kg. The time in the air with a standard payload of 2 kg up to 8 hours. During this time, the UAV can cover up to 800 kilometers.

The UAS is specially designed for aerial survey. Using specialized software for planning routes and professional aerial survey equipment can qualitatively perform all kinds of aerial surveys, including the aerial survey for mapping.

Flight of UAV performed by operator commands or fully automatic mode for a pre-arranged route with the help of the own developed automatic control system (autopilot) PteRoBot.

Launching UAV performed with a pneumatic catapult. To start you need a free corridor with a minimum size of 200 x 100 m run with the direction the wind. Landing is done by an operator or at a given point in using a parachute with a shock-absorbing airbag. For landing is necessary free of trees and shrubs area of least 100 x 100 m, without special preparation.

Technical characteristics of the UAV allow its operation under various climatic conditions by day and night.

Payload, mounted onboard the UAV, provides a solution to the following applied tasks:

  • aerial mapping for creating and updating digital topographic maps of 1:1000 - 1:10000
  • aerial surveys for various types of interpretation
  • overview, reconnaissance and perspective aerial surveys
  • thermal and multispectral aerial survey
  • aerial survey for remote diagnostics of engineering structures and infrastructure (industrial areas, overhead power lines, roads and railways, gas, oil and product pipelines)
  • night aerial photography in the visible range with the flash
  • use UAV as a carrier of a special aerial survey equipment

Addition to exercising specified kinds of works, the UAV can be used as a flying laboratory, including for testing of various aerial survey and navigation equipment.

Application areas of UAS Ptero you can see on the page Aerial surveying services.

In the basic configuration UAS comes with aerial survey module basis on digital camera Nikon D810 and is ready for operation. Full description of the basic UAS kit, you can see at the page Kit.

At your request the UAS can be equipped with other aerial equipment (in addition to or instead of the base) and software for data processing aerial photography. To view the list of aerial survey equipment, please visit page Equipment and software.